Why Rooster's?

8 TV screens

8 TV screens to watch multiple live games in HD and one place!

2 Projectors

2 projectors to watch the top games on big screen with sound!

More sports

Rugby, F1, American football, tennis, ice hockey, ...

Upcoming sports!


Date Time
17/06 18:00 China vs Spain (World Cup Women)
17/06 18:00 South Africa vs Germany (World Cup Women)
17/06 21:00 Nigeria vs France (World Cup Women)
17/06 21:00 South Korea vs Norway (World Cup Women)
18/06 21:00 Italy vs Brazil (World Cup Women)
18/06 21:00 Jamaica vs Australia (World Cup Women)
19/06 21:00 Japan vs England (World Cup Women)
19/06 21:00 Scotland vs Argentina (World Cup Women)
20/06 18:00 Netherlands vs Canada (World Cup Women)
20/06 18:00 Cameroon vs New Zealand (World Cup Women)
20/06 21:00 Sweden vs United States (World Cup Women)
20/06 21:00 Thailand vs Chile (World Cup Women)
22/06 17:30 TBD (World Cup Women)
22/06 21:00 TBD (World Cup Women)
22/06 21:00 Peru vs Brazil
23/06 17:30 TBD (World Cup Women)
23/06 21:00 Colombia vs Paraguay
23/06 21:00 Qatar vs Argentina
23/06 21:00 TBD (World Cup Women)


Date Time
23/06 15:10 F1: GP France
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Freelance Webmaster

"Great place to watch football! You can watch different games at the same time. Amazing local people, expats and tourists."



Digital Marketing Strategist

"I like Rooster's for watching sports, enjoying a live band or DJ, and for meeting new people from different backgrounds."



Project & Sales Support Associate

"Perfect place to kick back, relax with a fresh drink and end up meeting great people from all over the world."

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